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Goddess Mackenzee

I am retiring from being a professional Dominatrix. I want to put much more energy and focus into coaching, my mentor work, and the podcast. It's what truly fills me with joy and leaves me feeling fulfilled. 
I will still be taking select sessions so be sure to fill out my contact form to apply. I'll prioritize sessions that focus on building more of a connection and a transformation journey than just being a kink dispenser. 
Thank you to all the clients I've had through the many years and the Dommes I learned from. My journey has been one hell of a ride and I'm beyond excited for this next chapter in my life!!

To Apply For a Session:
Fill Out My Contact Form Here

  I have a passion for helping guide people through their journey, in BDSM, and exploring hidden desires. I absolutely love working with couples and seeing the spark between them grow immensely after I have worked my magic with them. I use various methods and modalities such as hypnosis, breathing techniques, meditation, touch, communication, and more to help people through their sexual identities and relationships.

   My years in BDSM as a Dominatrix have allowed me to develop many skills and talents, though popular ones of mine are hypnosis, all forms of bondage, CBT, impact play, size comparison, tickling, role-play, and Goddess worship. My wide array of skills allows me to bring to life your most taboo fantasies, while adjusting to the level of experience and comfort of my playthings.

   I know my skills and talents tend to attract what some might call more "extreme" forms of play. While I really love those sessions and certainly want to continue that sort of practice, I would also like it to be known that those are not the only types of sessions that I offer or enjoy. I really delight in the more sensual and softer side of Domination. I am a playful spirit with a prominent wild side. My style can be described as deviously creative. I have a passion for many forms of power exchange that don’t have to involve any sadomasochism at all.  Being in a position of power over a willing victim is so hot for me. I truly enjoy submissives and slaves coming into my stable and finally letting go of their selfish desires and serving me. I crave those that allow me to bend and mold them to my will. When I’m not teaching all across the country, I prefer to be worshiped like the Goddess that I am.

   I have a love for theater with a strong background in the live arts that drive my passion for role-play. Do you fantasize about a gorgeous, alluring woman asserting her control over you & worshipping her? Or maybe my riding crop biting into your skin as I correct you? How about a sexy nurse, strapping you to your hospital bed, teasing and torturing your helpless body with her medical implements as she asserts her will over you? Your secretary that wants her revenge? A bitchy ex-girlfriend that lures you back and immobilizes you so you can't escape? I possess an extensive collection of fetish wear and costumes that belies my years of involvement in the BDSM lifestyle. I love to dress up! My passion for performing arts has fueled my excitement for taking somebody’s fantasy and breathing life into it. I really derive pleasure by reaching into your head and figuring out why something is exciting for you and how I can build on that. I have a strong belief that the biggest sexual organ is the mind, and that’s what I most enjoy playing with.  

   I take pride in making the encounters I have new and exciting each and every time. I enjoy using my wide array of expertise to keep you guessing at what might happen next. Anticipation and the element of surprise are ideas that I play on frequently. ​

Possibilities For Sessions:

​-Age Play/Adult Baby​
-Arm Wrestling​
-Baby Bird
-Balloon play
-Bondage (Rope, Leather, etc)
-Boot Worship
-Breast Inflation- Lasts From 1-3 Days
-Breath/Hush Play
-Chastity Training/Keyholding
-Cigar Play/Human Ashtray
-Coerced Bi
-Cuckold Fantasies
​-Domestic Role Play​
-Electro Play
-Face Slapping
-Financial Control/Domination
-Fire Play
-Foot Domination
​-Foot Gagging
-Foot Worship
-Hand Fetish/Worship/Gagging​
-Humiliation- Playful to Extreme
-Hypnosis- Light to Complete Control
-Interrogation/Kidnapping fantasies
-Latex/Rubber/PVC Fetish
-Lingerie/Panty Fetish
-Maid Training
-Medical Play/Exams
-Needles/Play Piercings/Staples
-Police Officer Role Play
-Private/Educational Sessions
-Puppy/Pony/Kitten Training
​-Religious Role Play
-Rhythmic Impact
-Scent/Aroma Fetish
-Sensory Deprivation/Overload
-Shoe/Sneaker/Stiletto Worship
-Shopping Trips
-Size Fetishes
-Slave Training
-Stocking/Pantyhose/Thigh Highs
-Student/Teacher Role Play
-Wax Play

Email if you don't see your interest on this page. 
Services offered are for consenting
adults and entertainment purposes.

There are no illegal or sexual services offered by
Goddess Mackenzee.

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